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Why Use Email Marketing To Stay in Touch With Customers

Why use email marketing to stay in touch with customersEmail is still a great way to keep up with your customers. And the amount of people who use email has not diminished. In fact * Google alone has stated that as of June 28, 2012 they have 425 million Gmail users.

Your customers are likely checking their email nearly every day. You should use email marketing to get in front of those who buy from you or have requested you keep them up to date with your business. With email marketing you can not only send email newsletters out to those who request contact from you or buy your products, but you can also learn what emails work better than others. Doing email marketing the right way keeps you from getting penalized too.

Email Marketing will help you know your customers email habits by

  • Letting you know who opened the email
  • How many times they opened it
  • What subject line worked best with A/B testing
  • What links they clicked on in the email and how many times
  • If they forwarded your email to their friends
  • If they shared your email on their Facebook page.

These are the types of answers you need to improve your email to the customer next time. The better your subject line, the better the open rate on your emails. The better the open rate, the more likely they are to click a link in your email. If they click the links in your email you're more likely to convert them to a customer... again.

Make sure your doing email marketing right so you don't get penalized.


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