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What Is Email Marketing?

Why use email marketing to stay in touch with customersEmail marketing is when you use email to directly contact a group of people. It's that simple. Email marketing is an effective way to keep your customers and potential customers aware of what's happening with your business. With email marketing you can send an email blast about your business's upcoming promotion or just to you customer base to continue to build brand loyalty.


There are a couple of types of email marketing

Transaction emails is when an email is sent based on a customer's action with your company. An example would be when you buy a shirt from a store which then generates a thank you email and a coupon for a future purchase.

Direct email is when an email is sent to a specific group of people who have asked to be contacted by your company. Most companies today gather email addresses as they come in contact with people. It may be a new customers, or someone they meet at a meeting and get a business card. It might even be through a form on a website that asks you to join their newsletter. Simply ASK them if they would like to be notified by you when something is happening or a special is available.


Advantages of Using Email Marketing

  • Emails are quick, easy ways to communicate with groups of people fast
  • Emails are a lot less expensive to create than a traditional mailing piece
  • Emails are a lot less expensive to send out than traditional mailing piece
  • Emails can be more than just text. They can also contain graphics and links
  • Emails can target a specific group of people
  • With email marketing like CreateSend you can track your data, opens, clicks, shares, etc
  • Automate your email campaigns

When to Use Email Marketing

  • When you have an upcoming sale
  • When you have just completed a new blog post
  • When you need to share important, time sensitive announcement
  • When you want to offer a coupon
  • Or just to say "Hi, remember us?" to get your business back on your customer's mind

Email marketing is a very effective way to build brand loyalty and to gain repeat business. It's also a really good option to acquire new customers.


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