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7 Ways to Do Email Marketing Right

Why use email marketing to stay in touch with customersYou don't want to spam people with email they did not subscribe to. This can not only lead to losing customers but can also get your business penalized by email servers. If your website gets blacklisted for being listed as a spammer then it can affect the delivery of email to customers as well as other business email contacts.

Though email marketing is an important tool you can use for your small business it is important to do it the correct way so you are not blacklisted. How should you approach email customers and potential customers?


7 ways to do it the right way

  1. Put a Subscribe Form on your website.
  2. Ask people if you can email them when they give you their business card. Don't assume permission.
  3. Have a signup sheet for your email newsletter at your table during a conference.
  4. In your email place a reminder that they asked to be contact.
  5. Give them the option to Unsubscribe from future emails.
  6. Don’t buy third party lists and email them. They are more likely to mark your email as spam as they will not recognize your company's name.

If you send email out to those who did not request it you run the risk of being flagged as a spammer. This can be done by the recipient by marking your email as Spam in their email client. They can also unsubscribe in large numbers when the email gets sent which can throw up red flags for your email provider.


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